About us

Dance Context Webzine is a web platform in English dedicated to the reflection of European dance art. It publishes translations of selected texts from Taneční aktuality reflecting Czech dance, as well as original texts by foreign contributors from all over Europe - reviews, reports and interviews. 

The aim is to offer a variety of genres in terms of journalistic formats, but also in terms of different art forms. Reflection is therefore not limited to one performance genre, but is equally concerned with ballet, contemporary dance and performance, and new circus.

Foreign readers have the opportunity to read about the work of Czech artists and discover Czech dance writers. Czech audience who read English can broaden their horizons about events abroad and especially in our neighbourhood, as our contributors report mainly from Germany, Austria and Hungary, but also from Italy, France and Belgium. Publishing texts by foreign authors provides new angles and an international perspective.

The Dance Context Webzine project is part of Dance Context, a forum for dance reflection and development. More information and other projects can be found at www.dancecontext.com.