Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78 and HEAVEN’S GATE launch new TV channel NAŽIVO TV

In response to the government measures implemented this spring and largely restricting the existence of live culture, the companies Cirk La Putyka and HEAVEN’S GATE decided to remain active.  All the associated ensembles, based in Jatka78, were inspiring one another, and seeking ways to stay in contact with their audiences and bring them closer to live culture. Public spaces and specific outdoor locations became an alternative stage and cameras allowed viewers to experience the true essence of live art. Cinema thus became part of live culture.

Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78 and HEAVEN’S GATE launch new TV channel NAŽIVO TV

Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78 and HEAVEN’S GATE launch new TV channel NAŽIVO TV

Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78 and Viktor Tauš’s HEAVEN’S GATE launch a new TV channel NAŽIVO TV on 20 November 2020.

Thanks to digital terrestrial broadcasting, the NAŽIVO TV programming can reach about 3 million households and offer live-streamed cultural events to TV viewers for free.

We can look forward to shows by Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78, Amerikánka, Vosto5, Divadlo Na zábradlí, Divadlo Minor and many others, as well as concerts given by leading Czech artists: Lenka Dusilová, the Czech Philharmonic and Bára Poláková.

The new TV service, offering the best of current live theatre, music and children’s art (including the Film Naživo format), will open on 20 November 2020 at 8pm with a streaming of the cabaret performance Pot a Lesk (Sweat and Glory).

The specific formats and cinema language are defined by a unique experience which becomes an alternative to live art. Everything you see on your screen is live, taking place here and now. Theatre performances, concerts, talk shows, as well as the theme tune or commercials. You’ll be able to watch every mishap, blooper, mistake, but also feel performers’ adrenaline as they do their somersaults, to hear singers’ breath and share their joy after each performance. All this makes the new channel so unique and charming.

In case you miss any live show, you can watch it in a paid archive (go to where all previously aired programmes are available. This platform also serves as a support for artistic companies and allows to create new programmes. 50% of the proceeds go the respective companies (their members are paid extra for their performance) and 50% go towards creation of new programmes.

More about NAŽIVO TV at

Viktor Tauš on launching NAŽIVO TV: “I believe that during the first wave of the pandemic we discovered new ways of mediating to our audiences an authentic experience from live art through cinema – as an alternative, not as a reduction. The aim of our mutual inspiration and work is not to build our own TV channel. It should serve the main purpose of our work - to bring live art to people who need it. As a counterbalance to their hard lives and the fear fed by the official communication of the pandemic which divides us and make us see each other as a potential threat. Our goal is to provide a service which, ideally, should be provided by a public television in a time of crisis. In the Czech Republic, it’s our job.”

Rosťa Novák Jr. explains: “The time is crazy, and we are learning to live in a new reality. I chose an active approach at the very beginning. I can’t just sit and let the situation bring me down. Some projects are meant to help, other should produce something new, sometimes we get back to the roots, we perform in any location, in any weather. But which platform other than television can give us not only work but also the opportunity to do our craft? It might be just another crazy idea. The project Cesty (Journeys) was one, too. And a TV channel is exactly the kind of project I believe and love with all my heart, also because of the people who help it take shape. It’s inspiring to meet someone you get on well with, both artistically and personally. The project creates a lot of challenges. It gives us hope and motivation in these strange times. It’s a unique thing which requires brave people and I hope it will appeal to a wide audience. Not only to those who love culture and actively seek it… I hope we can bring culture to those households where it has been forgotten. It’s going to be an amazing ride. Live. No pre-recorded scenes. Just real and genuine entertainment. With all the imperfections that are part of the game. There’ll be nothing like a mistake in this project.”

Štěpán Kubišta says: “Internet is overload with information. Quantity has overshadowed quality and our audience have no time to search, try and possibly find something that suits their taste. NAŽIVO TV will offer a choice of what we consider quality art and what we value in the art world. Our experience from the spring wave of restrictions indicates that the public wants to share this choice with us. We will try, it’s better that crying over the revenue we lost because of cancelled performances.”


NAŽIVO TV formats

The specific format of NAŽIVO TV programmes is what makes this channel really unique.

A few seconds into a show, you will understand that you are not watching a recording.

It’s an experience!

  • Domanéž – education programme for children and their parents. Before school or work, we must move our bodies. And as circus arts are about trust, risk, and precision, it is an ideal space to prepare for an ordinary day. In the afternoon, we meet again to practice circus techniques in the comfort of our homes.

·      Talk Show – live talk show inspired by Vosto5’s programme – Kupé v lese

·      Film Naživo – performances and concerts set in the real world which provides new settings to original productions, filmed in a single shot. The camera enters the intimate space of artists or focuses on the world around them. You will see: Lenka Dusilová in concert, Bára Poláková in concert, a concert for Amerikánka, Roots, Amerikánka, the Czech Philharmonic concert, Zkoleduj se, etc.

·      Theatre Naživo – a ground-breaking format of cinema sharing of a theatre experience. A theatre performance is captured by a hand camera, up close, from places where spectators are usually not allowed. A revolution in capturing theatre – theatre as a film. A microscopic study of acting. Perfect intimate sound which lets you hear the actors breathing. The camera lives the story with the actors.

·      Late Night Show – cabaret, burlesque, music, dance, magic tricks. Make yourself a cocktail with the best of Czech cabarets, dance halls and night clubs. Let’s meet guests from the cultural and social life.

·      NoD Academy – a series of live-streamed lectures for pupils and students given by leading Czech experts. Made in cooperation with the NoD Theatre and the National Institute for Education of the Czech Republic.


Exclusive format of ‘time-shifted viewing’: multi camera!

All programmes watched in ’time-shifted viewing’ (in the archive) will be available in the multi camera format. This application will allow viewers to switch between the original continual shot and views from other cameras.

In case of theatre, micro cameras will be attached to actors’ costumes. Viewers will thus be able to experience acrobatic tricks from the point of view of a performer or actor, and to be with them as they step off the stage and head to their dressing room during a performance or wait for the next scene. All this while listening to the authentic sound from the stage.

During concerts, cameras will focus on individual musicians. Viewers will be able to watch a concert as performed by a chosen musician playing a specific instrument, and study their playing.


Live commercials

Everything you watch on Naživo TV is live…including the unique Naživo commercials. We offer a wide range of advertising options to commercial and non-commercial subjects, such as a puppet commercial performed by the best Czech puppeteers, and the Naživo commercial, performed live by actors before, after or during programmes.

NAŽIVO TV broadcasts under the auspices of the Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek. We would like to thank the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting for their trust and support.




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