Czech Dance Database provides now information about foreign countries

The Czech Dance Database portal, where you can find events, opportunities, organisations and people in one place, has so far focused on the Czech dance scene. Now it has a new feature - a complete overview of foreign databases and information sites. 

The International section of Czech Dance Database.

The International section of Czech Dance Database.

We have received feedback from users that they find the Czech Dance Database quite comprehensive when it comes to Czech dance. However, they are also interested in what is happening outside the Czech Republic, what auditions or workshops are taking place, or where to look for foreign dance schools. That's why we decided to publish an International section,” explains Jana Bitterová, head of the Czech Dance Database. The new section serves as a gateway for users to information about dance events around the world. It provides links to websites that provide overviews of opportunities and events or profiles of artistic companies, organized by country.
None of the foreign websites is a complete equivalent of the Czech Dance Database. It is truly unique, covering a large range of profiles of people, entities and events in the Czech Republic and is open to all dance and movement styles. However, we firmly believe that the International section will help direct users to information about dance in the countries they are interested in,” adds Jana Bitterová.
The Czech Dance Database project is run by Czech Dance News o.p.s. and implemented with the financial support of the City of Prague. The project is supported by the Prague City Council and the State Fund for Culture.

You can find the International section at:

Source: Czech Dance Database