Golden Prague International Television Festival Starts this Week

Films premiered during the 59th edition of the Golden Prague International Television Festival, organized by the Czech Television, will raise the curtain on the lives of prominent Czech artists, namely first soloist of the National Theatre Ballet Nikola Márová, world-renowned mezzo-soprano Dagmar Pecková, celebrated choreographer Jiří Kylián, and virtuoso violinist Václav Hudeček. Their stories, however, are the subject of only some of the fine works visitors will be able to see during this year's season of the festival. Held during 21–24 September 2022, the event will be hosted for an eighth year in a row at the New Stage of the National Theatre and in its immediate vicinity.

Golden Prague International Television Festival Starts this Week

Golden Prague International Television Festival Starts this Week

Television viewers and festival visitors alike will be treated to countless celebrities, live performances, and original, most recent television films featuring music, dance, and theatre from the world over, of which Golden Prague is the only event to showcase such a comprehensive offering.

The series of gala evenings will begin on 21 September 2022 with a delightful program, a concert titled Dagmar Pecková and Her Guests. Unconventional, spontaneous, filled with humor, and crossing over genre boundaries – the attributes of the opening event of the 59th season of the Golden Prague International Television Festival will mirror the qualities of one of this year's protagonists, vocalist Dagmar Pecková who has recently celebrated a major life event. She will be joined onstage by singers Marie Svobodová, Richard Samek, and Jiří Hájek. The event will be hosted by presenter Libor Bouček, and music accompaniment will be provided by South Bohemian Theater Opera Orchestra conducted by excellent pianist David Švec. The playbill will include arias by Mozart and Bizet as well as operetta repertoire and songs composed by Gustav Mahler and Kurt Weill. The program from the New Stage of the National Theatre will be broadcast live on the ČT Art culture channel.

On 22 September 2022, the festival will present the premiere of Hanspaulka Blues, a documentary created by director Michal Rákosník featuring the outstanding Czech blues singer Petar Introvič. Another premiere screened during the evening will offer a new documentary by director Aleš Kisil entitled Stop Time of Dagmar Pecková. The film takes a look at Pecková, an artist known for uncompromisingly breaking through myths and stereotypes, at a time when she stops to look at her past career and takes a breath before heading in a new direction.

On 23 September 2022, the festival will present Muses of Václav Hudeček, a new documentary created by director Patrik Ulrich, featuring a Czech virtuoso violin player who has celebrated a major life event earlier this year. The film will be followed by the world premiere of a unique picture titled Stages of a Theater documenting the birth, life, and death of the world's first theater dedicated to the art of dance. The film's focal point is an interview between famous Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián and architect Rem Koolhaas. The next item on the program will be the premiere of a documentary created by director Martin Kubala, featuring a long-standing prima ballerina of the National Theater Ballet. The film Nikola Márová: Portrait of a Prima Ballerina takes a peek into the private and professional life of one the most successful Czech ballet artists who has during her prolific career played countless roles in prominent productions staged by domestic and international choreographers.

Partnership performances during the festival will include the ballet Sleeping Beauty, the operas Don Giovanni and The Flying Dutchman, and the operetta Ball in Savoy.

On 24 September 2022, the National Theatre Piazzetta will come to live with the Golden Day of Golden Prague. The daylong program for the whole family will be filled with concerts, art performances, dance and music workshops, and improvisations, including free entry to the National Theatre's backstage areas.

The 59th season of Golden Prague will be closed on Saturday 24 September 2022 by the announcement of the winners and a program featuring outstanding dance and music performances. The program will be broadcast on the ČT Art culture channel. The winning films will be selected by a five-member international jury, where the Czech Republic will be represented by Per Boye Hansen, Artistic Director of the National Theatre Opera and State Opera in Prague.


Source: Czech Television.


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