New Dance Context Journal 2024 Opens the Topic of Dance in Public Space

After a series of six editions of the printed publication Special Edition of Taneční aktuality, Dance Context z. ú. comes with a new journal, Dance Context Journal. Its pilot edition focuses on dance in public space, both in popular science articles and peer-reviewed studies. 

New Dance Context Journal 2024 Opens the Topic of Dance in Public Space

New Dance Context Journal 2024 Opens the Topic of Dance in Public Space

The topic of “dance in public space” offers diverse perspectives on the development of dance and movement art from choreological, sociological, ethnological and anthropological points of view.

“Dance is no longer – and in fact has never been – confined to the theatre's walls. The first expressions of dance in society probably took place in the open space where the community met. The choreographic element appeared in church contexts, at country entertainments and court festivals, and later, during the 20th century, the concept of site-specific dance emerged within postmodern dance, bringing dance and movement choreography into non-theatrical, non-performance-specific, outdoor spaces with which it could interact. At the same time, movement and dance are intrinsically related to expressing oneself in public space – artists comment on social and political issues, raise topics for discussion, and voice opinions.” says Petra Dotlačilová, editor of the Dance Context Journal.

As in the previous editions of the Special Edition, authors from the Czech Republic and abroad will contribute their articles to the Dance Context Journal. The first section contains six articles, thanks to which readers will discover interesting projects literally from all over the world. Michaela Kessler and Lenka Flory write about their initiative of community art projects under the BPART, which includes artists and communities from the Czech Republic, Iceland, Mexico, Italy, Canada and the United States. Zden Brungot Svíteková reflects on her long-term artistic research project “Geology of Being”, through which she interacts with the landscape in various places from the Czech Republic to Greenland. German filmmaker and anthropologist Anna Lauenstein, together with dancer and researcher Nadja Rothenburger, describe their experimental dance documentary Schauhaus. Polish author Natalia Kozakiewitz presents performative activism in public and non-public space, while Italian dance scholar Elisa Frasson uses two case studies to present summer dance festivals in Italy. Finally, Chinese researcher Xindi Cao looks back at the COVID era, during which community dance became a surprising enrichment of quarantine hospital stays.

After last year’s premiere peer-reviewed study in the Special Edition, the new journal will feature an entire section dedicated to these articles. The director, dramaturge and researcher Hana Strejčková explores various site-specific forms and their definitions. Ethnologist Anna Varausová focuses on dance in the context of traditional festivities in the Brno region, and dance scholar Andi Johnson analyses the presentation of dance in digital public space through curated online exhibitions. 

The publication will include the traditional trio of articles summarizing the past season in ballet (Roman Vašek), contemporary dance (Lucie Hayashi) and new circus and non-verbal theatre (Hana Strejčková). The aim of the publication is to promote a professional dialogue between Czech and foreign experts in dance and movement art, as well as a dialogue between academics, artists and art lovers interested in a deeper understanding of the field in a broader context.

Dance Context Journal will be issued in the autumn of 2024, in print and online, in the bilingual Czech-English edition. A new feature will be original graphic design and typesetting by Petr Kudláček and Jan Arndt. You can pre-order Dance Context Journal now for a discounted price of 199 CZK / 8 EUR and be among the first to get your hands on the new publication.

Source: Dance Context

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