PONEC – dance venue has Artistic Council

PONEC – a permanent stage for contemporary dance – is undergoing significant changes. The Artistic Council, comprising three external experts, will collaborate with the renewed theatre team: Dagmar Bednáriková, Sylva Šafková and Honza Malík. Their collective expertise offers a diverse range of perspectives and many years of experience across different generations and backgrounds. PONEC extends its gratitude to all who expressed interest in collaboration.

PONEC – dance venue has Artistic Council

PONEC – dance venue has Artistic Council

The 2023/2024 theatre season is currently underway, with the spring months holding particular significance for many scenes as they prepare for the upcoming seasons. 

In September 2023, Yvona Kreuzmannová, the founder of the PONEC Theatre, decided to alter the stage's artistic direction by replacing the role of artistic director with an Artistic Council composed of several figures – experts in the field. This decision aims to foster a more profound professional dialogue regarding the role of dance theatre within a new context, enhancing the accessibility and openness of its dramaturgy. It seeks to deepen collaborative approaches, rooted in partnerships between the theatre team and creative collectives, all within clearly defined frameworks that align with the capabilities of both parties.

The Artistic Council is part of such a partnership. Three members of the theatre team will engage in dialogue with three external experts, listening to proposals and arguments, seeking consensus, naturally in line with the mission and vision of the first permanent stage for contemporary dance. The fundamental direction of the PONEC theatre remains unchanged. Members of the Artistic Council will bring an outside perspective, monitor the artistic scene, take interest in "works in progress", not just premieres, and engage in discussions on revivals, fostering international collaborations, and more.

PONEC – dance venue is represented by Hana Pelánková, executive manager, Barbora Loumová Miko, program coordinator, and Ema Šlechtová for the communications team. The Artistic Council consists of Dagmar Bednáriková, who possesses an intricate understanding of production houses such as KD Mlejn or DIOD Jihlava, Sylva Šafková, a creative person with direct knowledge of the needs of artists, and Honza Malík with a background as an artist, curator, teacher and manager, who follows the youngest generation thanks to his work in the Duncan Centre. Sylva Šafková and Honza Malík were chosen based on the Open Call, which PONEC put out at the request of the artistic community. Yvona Kreuzmannová had already approached Dagmar Bednáriková before.

The new Artistic Council has been operational since April 2024 and will establish the artistic plan for 2025. Until the end of 2024, the program will continue to be prepared in conjunction with the previous artistic leadership.

The management of PONEC greatly values the experience of all the selected people and their determination to offer their support. It has prepared detailed materials so that the members of the Artistic Council have time to devote themselves to the most essential topics in depth.

"We also encourage numerous other scenes to reconsider their intentions within the evolving context, actively monitoring changes in several of them," says Yvona Kreuzmannová, founder and director of Tanec Praha. "We remain open to maintaining our close collaborative relationships with them, just as we have done until now. Alta, ARCHA+, DOX+, Jatka78, KD Mlejn, Akropolis, X10 Theatre, Venuše ve Švehlovce... all of them and many others co-create the conditions for artists in our field. We especially value our partners in the regions, and we eagerly anticipate the TANEC PRAHA Festival in June. This event will showcase five instances of international co-production collaboration from the latter part of this season."

Source: Ponec dance venue.