Cirque du Soleil – Echo, a holiday fairytale

Cirque du Soleil, Canada's world-famous, most commercially successful circus, has returned to its original work after a long pandemic hiatus. In Montreal, they are currently presenting their newest show called Echo.

red against blue and

                                soft against rough   clashing views

                          of tin and greenery  

                hideous tubes and sumptuous plants

        arranged in a bizarre scenery

Cirk La Putyka won Best Theatre 2020 Award

2020 Theatre Critics’ Awards (previously called Alfréd Radok Awards), based on a survey conducted by the Svět a divadlo magazine, were announced on 3 February 2020.

Vrány: Holektiv’s poetic dance film

The human world and the world of birds are closely linked. Though we are politically free, looking at birds makes us hungry for freedom.