Marina Srnka

Marina Srnka

Marina Srnka (Serbia, 1996) graduated from the Erasmus Mundus master’s programme CLE - Cultures Littèraires Europèennes with a double degree from the universities of Bologna and Strasbourg. Her main interest and specialisation lie in the intersections and inter-connections between the arts, cultural history, and science. Her research has been mostly oriented toward poetry, dance, gender problems, mental health and physical difficulties.

During the years she shaped profound interest in dance and performative studies investigated from various aspects. This also became the leading point of her future studies. She published several critical essays, reviews and interviews both in Serbia and Italy, and parallelly participated in organisation of theatre and performing arts festivals, volunteered in art projects, and frequented amateur dance classes and performances. Beside that, she is also a photographer and a poet.

Texty autora

Ensaio para uma cartografia - Is this Feminism?

The anecdote unfolds something like this: At the premiere of his Bolero, Ravel was surprised and somewhat annoyed by the enthusiastic acclamations his piece had received, crediting its success to the obsessive quality and sexual undertones of the work.